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  1. what all do you have left? pm me some pics and price please
  2. Post is from 2008 you newbie go kick rocks and pound sand
  3. Shawn at Currie motorsports is the man I'd deal with, there are a lot of capable builders out there just call and see who you feel most comfortable with. Shawns number is 910-670-5245
  4. Tank is dirty and could use a good cleaning but is in good shape and yes standard size. Both sets of a arms and the steering stem is sold bump for the rest of the parts
  5. Parts for sale!!!! a arm setup with struts, tie rods, spindles 340.00 shipped Dual arm setup with spindles only 225.00 shipped (I can make tie rods and struts for an additional 100.00) Drag steering stem 125.00 shipped Aluminum gas tank 185.00 shipped +4 no link Swingarm with aluminum strut, chain guide, Swingarm bolt etc. 315.00 shipped +3 No link Swingarm with wheelie bar mounts 250.00 shipped (I can make a strut for additional 50.00) 3 bar Wheelie bar with asphalt tire setup (I can change out with go kart wheel for the dirt if buyer wants that for the same price) bar looks rusty but has only been used once and 365.00 shipped Message me on here or call/text 304-483-0472
  6. I can make you one no problem they start at 400 shipped and go up from there depending on what the customer wants
  7. Shearer never was the 5th best out there, I'd be willing to say 89 percent of people that have other pipes havnt actually compared them to others on the dyno, but think they look cool.... And not nick we were very discrete
  8. Fastest cub...you would be correct
  9. Yes the 465 is owned by Kevin Jackson, Shawn built the motor and I did the chassis setup on that one as well..thanks for the props guys
  10. Well it broke the 526-650 record and backed it up but we weren't aloud to set that record because our engine was to small to fit in the class If that gives you an idea of what the engine is.... We broke the 0-525 record with a 465cc cub going a 3.54 , but since we couldn't use the super cub times in the 650 class we went ahead and used them In the 525 class.... Appreciate the props for sure thank you !!! We still want outr money back though
  11. It fits in the 0-525 class don't know what exact motor it is. Shawn tested at Newton this past weekend and did decent but we have a little more work to do to get it where we want. 3.54 and a 3.566 were the two best passes
  12. shawn got to do some testing today, things are looking pretty good but only time will tell ! .40s here we come
  13. For green...aka..... Little man syndrome..... I know you have been out of the scene for a week or 3 years but a lot has changed.... K&t run rear fenders that have the seat made in them but rarely do you see there bikes go down the track with a front fender... .shawns Honda set the big block 450 class with no hood, the small block 450 class record was set with no hood, 0-425 class record no hood 0-525 class record no hood 0-650 class I couldn't tell you for sure plus the record is tied between two bikes 0-775 class no hood Open twin class no hood Triple unlimited no hood Not saying some of these bikes may not show up at the track with a hood.... But records were set, with no hood And no this bike doesn't run a hood, and doesn't have mounts for one..... Who knows if it'll set a record but it would be cool to be the first cub in the .40s on motor.... That's the goal
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