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  1. i have one brand new never mounted kenda parker dt 21x7x10 asking $60 shipped
  2. I have two sets of reed spacers for sale asking $20 a a set shipped
  3. lookong for inner basket,pressure plate,bushing,both crank gears
  4. Shearer silencers from my bigbores im running stingers so no need for them asking 150 shipped or best offer.
  5. go on fmf site it says 260 main 30 pilot clip in 3rd position air screw 1.5 turns out.
  6. great seller fast shipping.
  7. looking for a set of 39 pwks
  8. tried to pm ya said you cant get messages
  9. i will taken them send me your paypal.
  10. looking for bb shearer inframe dont really need the silencers
  11. Mikuni Tm 38 with billet bowls and thumb throttle cable asking $200 shipped U.S.
  12. 35mm carrier with brake stay,holes for adjustment are stretched alittle.asking $60 shipped u.s.
  13. Fullbore Grill in great shape $40 shipped anywhere us.pm me
  14. Great seller fast shipping
  15. We both know thats wasnt you twos bet but who cares good luck on your build and like tyler said next yr should be some very close racing anyone of you has the equipment and skill to win at any climb.
  16. Zack i believe you offered austin 100 if he beat you you ever again after 2nd mankato climb which he did at nationals and new ulm,and he didnt collect that money either.
  17. srx8525

    Wtb Flywheel

    Looking for flywheel
  18. He did give us a flywheel key and filters too to help us keep racing.i believe he will help anyone until they burn him
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