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  1. Yes around the crank on flywheel side
  2. I bought all Yamaha seals and when i turn it it leaks a little less
  3. Yes the clutch side if fine but i can’t get the flywheel side to seal up just keeps leaking and crank seem fine an not worn
  4. The first time i did this time i didnt
  5. Hi i just put my top end back on and torqued it all up and did a leak test and the flywheel side crank seal is leaking took. It apart an re replaced that seal and its still leaking and crank dont seem like theres any wear. Any tips or something thanks
  6. Im getting ready to seal my cases back together and have a tube of yamabond 6b will that work or should i get yamabond 4 any insight will be appreciated thanks kevin
  7. So if i do lightly clean it up an use it it wont cause issues later down the road like blow by in that spot
  8. And i got it with my cylinders from being bored an they say that one was fitted to my cylinder so another one isnt
  9. It is a little off in that spot but its not rough and can’t catch my finger nail on it. but im just worried about reliability being a issue
  10. I just received my new pistons in an one has a small mark at the top around the edge would this cause a issue or not thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. There is a chance the shifter shaft is stuck happened to me an the little spring got caught on it an only shifted into 1/2
  12. I Just got it off an is this normal or ok Looks like little holes And how do you think these cylinders look for being 14years Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I just want it brought to .30 over if its possible and to get the pistons an gasket from him so a complete top end and a few other odd and ends after that but ill give them a call
  14. Im looking to send my cylinders to fast to be bored/honed and was wondering if any one knows about how to do that just send them in with a note or talk to them first?
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