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  1. Was running super rich before it died compression is super stiff hard to kick over. I'll check all my fueling components though
  2. Hey guys, just had a brand new motor thrown in my 2003 banshee, second time riding it, was going and just stopped running altogether. Last time I blew it I seized the piston, but this time it just has a lot of compression and won't run for longer than a second if I can get it to kick over at all. Looked down and my front sprocket came off. Don't think it's related to the other issue but thought I'd throw it in there. Anyways what do you guys think it could be? Both plugs looked good, it kicks, has compression. Think it's blown or is it a different issue?
  3. Hey guys I have a 2003 Banshee and my frame is in rough shape. Currently rebuilding the motor and was curious I saw a deal for a J arm frame with absolutely everything including tires, exhaust, everything but a motor and plastics. Can I swap my 2003 motor into a J Arm frame with no issues? Any info would be appreciated I believe it's an 88 frame.
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