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  1. grantevans713

    Cheetah cub cylinders and parts

    I'd be interested in the cylinders, pistons and intake, I have a coolhead, pipes and reeds already.
  2. grantevans713

    New 421 banshee build, carb selection question

    Thanks for the response, I already got everything ordered for 110 just to try it out, carbs, domes etc. I am considering ordering a second set of domes to swap out to run 91. Would need some jets to swap out as well I'm sure.
  3. grantevans713

    *** St Anthony's May 2021***

    I go to St. Anthony every year in early May. I'm just seeing this now, but I usually meet up with friends/family. Be great to meet up with some other banshees. Let's shoot for 2021
  4. grantevans713

    New 421 banshee build, carb selection question

    I asked driveline for more aggressive porting, so it will be on the drag side of things. When I am riding usually its full throttle into a coast, or I keep it wide open and blast around. I might end up going with some 39s as they seem to be more widespread. If I could find someone reliable or recommended I would send these out and get an oval bore done to put them right in the middle.
  5. grantevans713

    New 421 banshee build, carb selection question

    My buddy says I should get 39s and run 19cc domes for 110, make it a drag bike. Not sure I want to do all that but what kind of HP gains are we talking with bigger carbs? ALso if I were to get them ported is there a reputable person I could send them to?
  6. So this winter im putting a 421 kit into my banshee. Right now its stock bore with some aggressive porting, wiseco pistons, toomey t5s, custom billet reeds, cool heads, pump gas domes, amd it has been running great with a pairt of the old mikuni t34 02e. The meat and potatoes of the new engine build will be: ⦁ DriveLine Performance 421cc Big Bore Assassin LP Cylinder Kit with additional intake and transfer porting ⦁ Wiseco 68mm blaster style pistons ⦁ HotRods 4mm 115 Long Rod Stroker Crankshaft There are other modifications going in, and still some on it already like timing, clutch lockup, oversized radiator, etc. What I am curious about is weather or not I can just reuse my carbs? Can I just run bigger jets with these and all the power upgrades? Is there someone I can send them out to and have them bored? I felt like the 34s might have been to big for what was on it, and looking around some people run 35s or 36s, but others recommend 39s. I do plan to continue just running pump gas, I live at 1600 elevation and ride occasionally, but my trips to the dune every year are at 4000 elevation and I ride there probably more than I do locally. With the drastic difference I had considered the Lectron carbs, but all the info on them that I've found here is very old. Riding style generally will be more relaxed, but lets face it there are times you are almost full throttle for an entire tank of gas.
  7. grantevans713

    Question about pistons

    Good prices for porting. What if I wanted to get a bigger bore? Is it worth doing? I see that I can buy brand new cylinders for $140, I would send those out to avoid the hassle of not knowing what has even been done to the ones I have on. Might as well go big while I am getting new ones.
  8. grantevans713

    Question about pistons

    I just had it apart to put a new transmission in, then a timing plate, water pump impeller/gear, flywheel and then put it together so I could ride this weekend. The crank is welded, but I did not check top end. I only found the email and saw that he said they were ported. I am hoping to figure out what he meant and what port was done, and where he had it done. I have another motor and tons of parts from my old rz350s. What are recommendations if I were to send a motor out for a full 4mill setup? About what price range would I be looking?
  9. grantevans713

    Question about pistons

    What about the blaster style pistons I see? Reviews on those any good?
  10. grantevans713

    Question about pistons

    I sent the guy I bought it from an email, see what he meant by ported. What pistons would you recommend if it is ported?
  11. grantevans713

    Shifting problem

    All right that is the answer I was looking for, so you recommend a stock spring? What ewxactly is the part name that im ordering?
  12. grantevans713

    Question about pistons

    I was assuming I could get the stock size pistons or "super stock" and not have to touch the cylinders. Once again, the heads say "Cool Heads" on top but I have no idea outside of that as it came with the bike. As for the porting, his description of "ported to the max" leaves me with more questions than answers, what would I look for on the cylinders to confirm? Holes in it somewhere? On the back, front, side? What domes would you recommend with these pistons? Or is there another set of pistons/domes you might suggest?
  13. grantevans713

    Shifting problem

    Both are stock, so upgrade detent arm and double check the eccentric?
  14. grantevans713

    Question about pistons

    The crank has been welded. I am assuming he was not lying about the list of modifications he had done. A month after the purchase I asked him to email me a list of modifications for my records. Nice knowing what is done and what can be done. Anyway, my original question hasnt really been answered. Can I go with just pistons without touching the cylinders? If I do will I need heads or domes?
  15. grantevans713

    Shifting problem

    Yes and yes