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  1. Coty23

    Banshee plastic

    ISO banshee plastic. Prefer uncut but let me know what you have. Nc/va
  2. I'm looking for a banshee roller in the nc/va area. Willing to travel up to 3 hours.lmk what you have
  3. Look for a Hinson basket with small gear.
  4. Coty23

    Iso clutch lever

    Prefer aftermarket. Lmk what you got. Use for drag racing
  5. Coty23

    clutch lever

    Iso a easy pull clutch lever. Lmk what you have.
  6. Coty23

    fuel screw

    Anybody in the nc area or nc/va border has a fuel screw for a keihin carb?
  7. Coty23

    drag bike

    Ok I will check it out
  8. Coty23

    drag bike

    Brand new mt tires
  9. Coty23

    drag bike

    Struts, round house carrier.
  10. Coty23

    drag bike

    Tire pressure n axle right. After 2nd gear make a hard lean to right. N for you skeeter dat doesn't work. HP
  11. Coty23

    drag bike

    I have a 421 cub dat doesn't want to go straight. Always jump to right. Any help or input? All thoughts are welcome
  12. Coty23

    trench cases

    Looking for a set of 7mm trench cases Lmk what u have
  13. Received rear caliper today. Thanks
  14. Anybody know where I can get some lectron carb parts from? Lectron fuel system not responding. Need parts asap
  15. Coty23


    Looking for a oem stator for 95 and up.
  16. Need a stator for a 03 and also looking for 40mm billet intake
  17. Coty23

    stock frame

    Looking for a stock frame that has been fully lighten in the nc/va area. Let me know what you have
  18. Coty23

    stock cylinders

    Anyone with 68mm stock cylinders?
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