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  1. Does anyone have some close up pictures of a sub frame? where its suppose to be welded or bolted on ....either of them?
  2. I want to purchase and install a bolt on subframe from stellar machine but im not a proffesional welder or anything of that sort. I wanted to know if anyone had instructions or a tutorial on how to install the subframe. Also if anyone has any feed back from the stellar subframes! Thanks alot
  3. Sweet lookin shee! Awesome color!
  4. The shee from when I first started the thread is mine, but this white shee is my brothers, we built it together
  5. Pismo/Oceano Dunes 7/12/13-7/14/13
  6. Just purchased these Shearees OOF from Sandtoyz Unlimited! Ready for Pismo this coming weekend!
  7. Thanks guys for the info! looks like im ordering a set for my shee!!!
  8. Im thinking of buying the easy throttle springs from fast racing, but im pretty confused on how to install them. Does anyone have an idea or a "how to" guide on how to install these because my throttle is pretty stiff and only allows for a short amount of time on the dunes. Thank you
  9. Im selling my banshee In-frame shearer pipes in order to hopefully upgrade to out of frames. Ive used these a total of 3 times. Only sand no dirt, used in pismo beach. Im asking for $515 shipped. Im located in the bay area near San Francisco.
  10. Ma, all i see are good things about this mod!!! how hard is the install? anyone have a how to do it?
  11. i just looked up that you could mod the shift star.. never seen or heard about it. what are the pros and cons of this mod? Thanks
  12. Took this pic last weekend at Pismo Dunes "oceano". this is my brothers shee we did last winter!
  13. I took the bowls off and messed with it ..installed the bowl back, put the carb bac, and turn on the fuel , and no LEAKING!!! YES!!!!!
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