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  1. Looking at replacing my swingarm. Are aftermarkets that much better if I stay standard length? Which brands should I look at? Just got some roll design a-arms, but see they no longer do swingarms for Banshee. Thanks.
  2. How are the Alba beadlocks? Is it worth saving money on the rims if I powder coat them?
  3. My thought (maybe wrong) is to get a polished aluminum deadlock wheel and anodize it gold. I would use a black ring hoping most damage will be on the ring and easy to replace.
  4. I recently put my gold rims back on the Shee because I like the look. I was thinking about upgrading to beadlock so here lies my question. Has anyone anodized the wheel or ring of any of the beadlock wheels out there? I was considering anodizing the wheel with a black ring or anodizing the ring with a black wheel. Any wear considerations or thoughts? Thanks
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