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  1. Hey guys i gotta 94 banshee , im looking for 50 mm inside diameter flange pod filter, like the k@n ones. The carb that it needs to go on is a 28 mil pwk carb, i have asked every single company and have got zero answers, ive seen people run these out in Sahara, i know there out here somewhere. 48-52 mil inside diameter of a pod flange would fit, please guys give me some answers
  2. Hey guys, 94 banshee, im looking to get twin air filters, the K&N ones, that would fit a 28 mil Pwk carb, what allwould i need to install those and is there a special bracket they would go on.
  3. They have lots of brands, thats what im asking i dont want a little cheapy
  4. What do think about the CVI box, this things super hoped up so what about a aftermarket CVI box, could that be why its not wanting to give that full power and why its killing the power on the engine.
  5. I can answer other questions later, where going to Sahara on new years, so i need to know what the problem is if anyone can help me out
  6. 94 banshee, bored out to 392, lots of other mods, we are still working on this thing, weve bought new carbs, no air leaks, everything clean, fresh packing in pipes, no exhaust leaks, weve swaped jets over a 1000 times and still cant get that toprange power, it wants to pin out and start poping and crackling, n its not through carbs,its through exhaust. It a banshee that thing should snap your neck when u hit the gas, but weve done everythng and it just wants to pin out super quick in every gear, and start poping, its got great compression, 160, psi on 6 kicks . we think it migh be the elecric
  7. well what sizes come stock in it? im just asking what would i run the pwk that equals to the 260 in the mikunis
  8. Thats what im confused about could you explain that to me, im running a 280 in the mikuni and we want to make it leaner so down toa 260, what size woupld i put in the Pwk
  9. Okay guys, i have a mikuni 28 mil carb with 280 jets 25 pilot,i just bought Kehihn 28 mil carbs, what is the diffrence, do we need to put a bigger or smaller jet to equlize it out, what comes stocky in the pwk carb, please give me some info on this.
  10. I have a pretty hoped up banshee you could bassiclly call it a 421, im running the BR8ES in it right now, im wondering if i can run a hotter plug in it, and what the stock plug?
  11. Please copy and paste this along with your answers in your reply, thanks. 1) What type of aftermarket exhaust do you have? Toomey T5 pipes 2) What type of airfilter do you have? K&N 3) Are you a)running a stock airbox with lid stock airbox with NO lid c) Stock airbox with vents d) no airbox at all Air box/No lid 4) What is your elevation? (If you don't know, go here: http://www.topozone.com ) Sea level 5) What size pilot jets are you using? 6) What size main jets are you using? 300 7) What tempera
  12. So the only way to get that right is to buy a new carb
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