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  1. Ok, I will try to get every thing oil free. Thank you for your suggestions.
  2. I have a Toomey 2:1 foam filter, It just started doing this. I can tighten the clamps around the carburetor to the Toomey 2:1 manifold and it just keeps slipping off the carbs. Toomey suggest using the stock clamps and claim they never experience this problem before. Has this ever happen to anyone. If I cant figure it out I with go UNI 2-Stage Pod Filter. But then do you get Angled or not angled.
  3. Just looking to pick someones brain on this. I can start it. But the Banshee just does not want to idle. I rebuilt the carbs and cleaned them. Want to try to ride up in Kalkaska Michigan elevation 1,033
  4. Have Toomey T6 pipes, Toomey 2in1 filter, stock carbs 300 mains clip in middle, 25 Pilot. I reside in Michigan. What would a 27.5 pilot do make it a little more rich, or give it a little crispness at 1/4 throttle?
  5. Hello everyone, I was looking for some reputable, Banshee expert in the Michigan area. I just outside of Detroit in the Downriver area. Just wondering if there are any shops that know the ins and outs of a 2003 Banshee. My Shee has been sitting awhile and I know they are a bear to start to begin with when they are cold. Let alone sitting for years.
  6. What is the proper tool to use to remove the float pivot pin? Clymer's Manual does not tell you what to use to remove the pivot pin on a Mikuni Carb. Thanks you in advance for whoever answers this question
  7. Thank you, everyone that replied. Yeah I did fill it to the top. Almost took all of the 1/2 gallon of Engine Ice® Just wondering where Yamaha got that number from. I guess I will just hold on to the other 1/2 gallon of Engine Ice® I purchased. peace.
  8. Ok it's been a while since I had this quad out. My Clymer's manual says the coolant takes 2.5 liters. But my Toomey oversized radiator is only holding 1.5 liters. is that a typo in the Clymer's manual. I think I always remember the Radiator and the Crank case holding 1.5 Liters
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