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  1. I just did a rebuild Witch was completely dry and I used engine ice witch it didn’t use it all But most of it. jug is a 1.89 L .... im also running an after market. mishimoto radiator. As long as it’s full and Circulating I wouldn’t worry about it.
  2. Sweet.. now for gear oil.. any recommend’s I have some bel ray 80w-90 gearsaver.
  3. He didn’t just that it’s what he uses Because I was wanting to run yamaha’s but he said after porting they clean up and hold good up and they are proven witch I trust him.. I have a drag play port tho!
  4. I live in Florida and they are after market.. bought from Kevin Herr
  5. I’ve just bought a 05 shee a few months back and decide to do a restore and to get me more power..now I’ve have every thing back together and motor in I did a compression test. My setup is new stock cylinders & bore on a 7 mil with 22 cc domes. Planing to run 110 octane.. I bought a otc compression tester and Tested both cylinders witch they made 120.. I did my Squelch test and they were both Consistent with a .50 and .53.. is it a faulty reading with my tester? I’ve read where the long hoses can give you miss reading. This is my first 2stroke build so I’m a little wet still, so some input
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