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  1. thats it right before i had the motor sent out and did porting and cylinder strengthening
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=w4a4RVNkH8I
  3. im in bayshore ..... june 10-13 is looking like the weekend its goin to be quads almost done waiting on rear sprocket and deciding on exhaust might go with aeen not sure yet
  4. no date is set they actually have just been booked for the last weekend in june looks like last week or 2 in july is what our options are
  5. there have been some problems with the link www.hilltoplodge.com is the exact address ive just always used www.mxfarm.com ive tried to edit the first post but i can not maybe a mod can hook it up and do that for me
  7. mxfarm.com check it out i think it would be great if a bunch of us could come together and make this happen. 15 people seem to be a perfect number i have 3 including myself. I have no problems with families and kids but i do want to say that us 3 are in our late 20s and do not have kids and would like to have a late night or 2 but before we get into any of that lets see who's interested please reply with any questions or concerns and of course dates that would be best for you ide prefer a weekday reservation as its much cheaper but if we have enough people a weekend will still only be 20
  8. hey im on the island and im looking to go riding soon lets get a ride goin in the next couple weeks ... i have a rm 125 and a beater blaster i know there not shees but hey i want to ride so when we goin lol
  9. im on longisland new york and it was supposed to be my winter project the past 2 winters and it will juss wind up sitting there for at least another so yea i paid 1000 2 years for everything you see there minus the mounts and some nut and bolts here and there for like the plastics and what not so figure 900 neg it also has some port work done to the cylinders but they need a bore not hone and it comes with not a title but some papers that i guess have juss been passed owner to owner i was the 3rd owner so lmk
  10. ok pics pretty much explain what you get but if you have any questions please fell free to ask the quad also has a 2 into 1 carb and needs a top end job and a little ball marble looking spacer in the clutch o and theres not many motor mounts here other then that its pretty complete not looking to part out but we'll see what happens ok im looking for pretty much anything 2 stroke to trade for that runs or cash lmk what you have or are willing to spend lmk http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff187/b...188/banshee.jpg http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff187/b...ticsandmisc.jp
  11. i have a honda civic 92-95 sohc vtec motor and tranny comes complete in running condition with ,mounts ,dc header ,axles and wiring harness everythnig needed to throw it in a 92-95 shell and get going looking to trade 4 a banshee motor in excellent condition with out carb and exhaust but with countershaft sporcket looking for somethnig stock but let me kno what you have
  12. you willing to sell straight up if so how much and were are u located
  13. hey im very interested do you still have the cylnders
  14. im very interested in the crank and gears and the top half casing, the c clip that holds the casing together behind the clutch and i will be in jersey this wednesday send some pics and a good price and ill pick up asap BigE22188@optonline.net
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