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    Drag ported 427 T-rex, +10 timing, 39mm alcohol pwk's, +8 GRR swinger, LSR 40mm axle, 12cc domes, 1-6 WCR full override, fireball -2+2 drag arms, marvin shaw competition series shocks, cut oem frame.......best time to date...4.31 @72 MPH in 300ft dirt and 7.1 @89mph in 1/8th mile asphalt.

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  1. The lectrons are a taper bore, these specific carbs are the high velocity versions, meaning they are 40mm on the back side, 34mm in the middle, 38mm on the engine side. Very nice carbs in my opinion and worth the money.
  2. I sent you a pm. I have what you're looking for in KC.
  3. Oh okay. I dont have a crank or cases for that. Thanks anyways.
  4. I spoke with him already. Its setup for a 7mm crank.
  5. trex banshee

    8" Wheels

    I sent you a text
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