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Trinity big bore cylinders

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The guy who used to do trinity racing work went off to do his own thing(https://www.mcdermottracing.com/) and probably has the info you need. I was under the impression Trinity was just using cpi cylinders and molesting them with bad port work and improper head cuts causing the motors to be remarkably unreliable and prone to detonation. They even invented (Trinity Spark Plug locks) to prevent the plugs from backing out due to the detonation.

Would I ever get work done from them? Well check out their site and notice they can't even spell properly. Can someone who can't spell Ultimate even have the mechanical ability and math skills required to build a high performance engine? Stick with a site sponsor like Redline who might be able to unfuck what you have before it blows.  (Stage II    Ultamit play bike Port)

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Hello Mayohsauce,

I ran a cheetah 421 set up for years and never had any issues. I moved to the 485 when a couple of buddies decided to run the 485 and i sold the 421 to another buddy. Knock on wood, years later still no issues with any of ours. 

Fearnot is correct. You will want to get in touch with McDermott racing. The guys name is Harry and he's the one that worked these engines while with trinity and like fearnot said he got away from trinity and started McDermott racing. He is a nice guy and very knowledgeable. 

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What type of set up are they? Are they one of Harry’s old metal O ring sealed heads? Some of the big bore strokers he built many moons ago were pretty different. If you need more help, Harry sold Trinity to Dasa a number of years ago and is now just operating a smaller shop under https://www.mcdermottracing.com

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