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Long rod setup with a short rod

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So I've had a busy winter with work and very few days off. Dropped one of my banshees off at a buddies for an overhaul. 


Got a bore done on cylinders, new pistons, carbs rebuilt, new cylinder head, domes, etc.

Well he set it up for a long rod with cut domes because it's a 4mil crank, except it's a short rod 4mil. Today he got it going and took it for a test ride. It died halfway through third. Kicker won't move. How much damage should I expect inside the case? Just a new crank? Pistons probably shot? The case seems fine, he says there was no pop or crunch, it just revved then puttered out. Before he mentioned the kicker not moving, I thought maybe electrical. 


Any ideas what may have happened? What damage should I be expecting? How fucked is it?



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8 hours ago, 97Screamer said:

Air leak. New pistins, bore and likely crank. Make sure he does a leak down test after the next rebuild. Better yet take it to someone that knows what they're doing.

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Passed leakdown, held over 6lbs for 5minutes.

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