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I mean... I'm new to 2 strokes myself but if you can turn a screw driver, have the money to pay a mechanic and want to have your repairs done when you want them done... do them yourself. For the most part (other than grease, gas and dirt, some stuck screws here and there, you can work on it yourself just as easily as you can open a tin can.

Go buy a clymer manual (basically a step by step instruction book for everything on your bike including general maintenance and repairs from a gasket replacement to a full engine tear down and reassembly.

Parts are easy to get, there are a lot of people here who know their shit, tons of excellent youtube videos, etc.

What you'll pay a mechanic will get you almost all of the tools you'll need. Impact driver, small and large torque wrenches or, at least a 20-100 ft lb, small set of screw drivers, dental pick set, snap ring pliars (small and large), wrenches, screw drivers, a couple naked lady magazines, beer, carb, brake, contact cleaners etc. 

These are almost as easy as legos... and what isn't easy is just going to require patience, swear words and advice from others here. You'll be happy as hell you did it yourself.

my 2 cents

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