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help with jetting


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my banshee needs carb adjusting bad. and I don't know what to adjust it to. as of right now it is fouling plugs left and right. it bogs really bad mid range and has trouble getting on the powerband. it wont idle. the carb needle is on the bottom. i dont know the jets.


i am about 600-700 feet above sea level. 

during the day it is around 25-45

392 bore

cool head

22cc domes

vforce 4 reeds

34mm keihin carbs

billet intake

fmf pipes and silencers

oversized radiators

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Well if your carb needle is on the bottom clip then it is definitely too rich for most engine applications. First thing your should do is lean it out by 1 or 2 clips by pulling out both needles and moving the e clip a notch or 2 towards the blunt end of the needle. That should help with both the fouling of plugs and lack of mid range power. You can also adjust your idle via the brass screws on the sides of each carb. Turning in those screws opens up the slides more and raises the idle gap if it's not already open enough. Just make sure you do the same adjustments to both carbs and keep them synced with each other. Hopefully that helps for now and if it still doesn't idle and run right then be sure to post about results so other members and I can help you as needed. 

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