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Help! just brought a set of cylinders/pistons don’t look good!

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Hey just brought a set of cylinders/pistons and the guy said they looked good to him and ran fine! couldn’t see scoring in pics! one side is good but the other side has scoring on both the piston and cylinders! Are these fixable or are they shot! i blew my skirt off my old top end was just looking for a cheap fix for now till i have money to do a full rebuild. thanks.977-B13-A7-67-C6-4969-BA2-A-A39-F26131-CDA05-EA2-C-5151-47-F4-8-FBB-0887-A093-B1

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Cold seize is when the piston and or rings have too much friction with the cylinder wall and have an intimate dance with one another..... scoring. Happens when the engine is cold, and usually happens with someone running cheap premix at 50:1.....


too many rabbits in the hat to go into what premix is good at what mix ratio....


Run quality oil at appropriate mix ratio and let the engine warm up before beating on it.

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