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Keihin PWM 38 needle questio

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Not specifically for a banshee but I figured I’d ask here anyways since banshee guys tend to know answers tuning questions.

I have a PWM 38 4XL from a 1997 YZ250 with a needle that I can’t seem to find any information on. Most likely due to my lack of hands on use of Keihin carbs. The bike has a built engine with an old generation bills pipe that I have no actual paperwork on so the carb may have some wild needle in it that’s not normal for a PWM. The needle code reads N40G from what I can tell. Any info is appreciated.

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43 minutes ago, Keno said:

As far as I know that doesn't match the naming schemes I'm aware of.  Check the images below and see if maybe something was misread.  Then cross reference the specs to a normal needle here https://www.jetsrus.com/a_jets_by_carburetor_type/needle_keihin_N427-48.html

I read over those charts the other day and I couldn’t directly match the needle to any others. It follows the same naming as the N68A but it still doesn’t check out using the chart. It’s also a different needle from the factory one for the 97 year model. Honestly it could be a custom needle for all I know.

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