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T6's with porting


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I know this has been discussed before. I have an asphalt bracket Banshee that was for 13 years... up to 2 years ago, a stocker. I have T6's which worked great with the stock engine configuration. She finally quit on me due to excessive wear on internals. Not bad for 13 years of thrashing. I was able to get away with. 010 over and put OEM pistons and crank in with stock stroke, and had D&D Racing do a mild port with .020 cut head. I want to keep this thing reliable and consistent... As I said it's a bracket racer. The pipes I know are not meant for a ported engine, but Dale at D&D told me it will work with a little bigger outlet at the stinger end of the head pipe. Not sure I want to cut up the nice chrome pipes before I'm sure it will work. I could still fetch something out of them and try a different pipe, but it's not a wild build. I have been and will be using this solely for drag racing, so I need a high end power pipe.


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