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Paddle tires, gearing, Oregon


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The wife and kids and I are looking to go down the west coast highway in October and I am strongly considering taking the Banshee. I have never been to any sand dunes and don’t know shit about sand tires or gearing. I would like to hit the usual spots in Oregon. I would love to find some used extremes but I mostly see sand stars and geckos (which I know are junk).
what’s the optimum tire for a 421 serval and a 250lb rider? What kind of front tire ? Size and gearing? 

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13 minutes ago, pp13bnos said:

I don't think a 20x10x10, 9 paddle will be enough tire.  Its not for my wifes stock cyl. 4mm, and I'm sure your serval is making a ton more power than it.

What tire and gearing do you suggest? Opinions on v paddles?

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If your into drifting, trail riding and just general duning a 20x10x10, 9 paddle extreme will work much better than the V paddles.  But if you want to be doing the tree shots by the water, or drag racing I would suggest a 22x11x8, 8 or 9 paddle extreme.  Preferably a bead to bead buff (the tire is ground down to eliminate weight.)  But you're going to be spending some coin on them.  I don't know what your budget is, but if this is a one time dune trip, I would say go with a used set of 20x10x10s. 

For fronts your dirt tires will work. 

Gearing will have to do with what type of riding you'll be doing.   As long as your not running a ton of gear, it'll probably work. 

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