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Banshee needle confusion


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Looking for someone to clear the confusion on aftermarket banshee needles. My current build has stock needles and has a dead spot off idle. I tried various pilot sizes and settings along with needle clip adjustments and main sizes and I still cannot fully solve it. Engine passed leak test so its not a lean condition. I tried a set of Toomey needles out of my buddy's bike and they cleared the issue immediately. Bike pulls hard right off of idle and makes power everywhere in the rpm range. If I have to pay the $50 for the Toomey needles off their site I will, but I'd like an explanation on the difference between all of the companies that make needles for banshees.

1. What are the major differences between them all? (Dynojet, Moose, FMF, Toomey, Vitos, and the ones from FAST) One of the banshee guys local to me told me they are all the same Dynojet-based needle and are just rebranded. This looks like it may be accurate as the Toomey, FMF, and Dynojet needles all look the same with the machine cut tip and 6 clip positions.

2. Due to how expensive needles are, I've considered the needles from FAST but I'm curious if they are the same needle as the toomeys but with one less clip position. Any information on these specifically will be greatly appreciated.

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im assuming.  Ask fast they might be vito needles who know.   I ran vitos on mine when I had it ran perfect.  if you really wanna be sure just spend the extra 20 and get toomeys and be done with it. whats another 20 you already dropped a grand into it lol 

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