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Coolhead: Pro Design vs Driveline

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My topend was getting a little worn and since it doesn’t have an ideal port for my riding style (it’s drag ported and I trail / MX) I decided to get a different set of trail/dune ported cylinders. My old topend has a pro design coolhead but I’m debating on getting a driveline head since it’s designed to use the stock length studs which is what the new cylinders have. Are there any cooling differences between the two heads? There’s nothing physically wrong with the coolhead, I figured I could sell the old topend as a complete kit that can be rehoned and reringed and just use the driveline head if it has the same/better cooling capacity.

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ive had the driveline head the last 3 years and love that it uses stock studs, looks sweet and has fewer orings to deal with.  cooling capacity likely wont make a difference, but the fewer o rings to deal with is always a plus. also cost is less, and i am a fan of the head acorn nuts you get with it

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