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Am I Doing This Right?


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Hey everyone!


It has been a while, starting a company is a lot of work. I am back and need your expertise.

Back in December I posted a thread called "How Do I Fix This?"


Basically I accidentally got a stroker rod and my pistons are sticking out of the cylinder 5mm at top dead center.

So a user told me to get Wiseco 795 series pistons and that will solve this problem.

My next question is; do I need a spacer for this build? I read around a bit and I am getting mixed reviews.

I really appreciate you guys and all of your help! I reply fast, so if you have any questions, ask away!

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13 minutes ago, n2otoofast4u said:

What is the number on the rod? What stroke is the crank?

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The engine is currently put together, and I don't remember any numbers on the rod itself, although I remember two words like long rod or something like that on the rod.


If its really necessary I can split the cases and I will pull the cylinders off and report back, if I can avoid splitting the cases I want to.

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