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4 mil stock cylinder carb upgrade


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I have a 4 mil stock cylinder, dune ported, pump gas, 22cc domes, vf4, t5,  stock carbs making 74hp done by Cam at Redline. It rips pretty damn good. I saved up over the past bit and decided to get CPI i.f. These pipes were the plan down the road from the beginning, I just didn't have the cash at the time. When I asked him if Id need bigger carbs for CPI he said no, "probably increase the pilot and maybe the main".  However, I didn't ask if upgrading carbs would benefit or increase power much, "just if it was needed".  My question is, will a bigger carb do much more for the performance? I'm concerned that my amateur tuning a new bigger carb will not benefit better than his expertise in tuning stocks. In the same breath Ill be rejetting as recommended so end up loosing his tune anyhow. Just hoping for some solid advice. just jet up?, new carbs?, what carbs? etc etc. My rides aren't all drag. treshots, sidehill etc.  Sea level

Thanks for the help!

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