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hey everyone,

Im new to this site and i was wondering is somebody out there has some usefull info for me.

last year i bought a banshee from a friend that had major gear box problems for very cheap. The motor ran strong tho... started first or second kick every time. Instead of ripping the engine apart and fixing the bad gears in the trans, i decided to buy an engine off of a reputable seller on ebay. as soon  as i got it, i slapped it right in. went to start it, and she didnt want to go. hit it with some starter fluid and it started but ran really rough and wouldnt hold an idle. after a little bit it died and wouldnt start again. took the plugs out and no spark. i replaced the stator, wiring harness (OEM one was hacked to peices), flywheel, woodruff key, kill switch cluster, BR8ES plugs, ignition coil, key delete (twisted the white and red wires), One of the connectors that was coming out of the CDI had been melted (housed the orange ignition wire) i was able to check all of my new parts except the CDI. i bought a cheap $60 one off ebay (probaly not the right choice). Not sure if they sold me a junk CDI or im missing something here.  oh and TORS had been deleted since i got it. deleted off carbs and no black box on the frame. i believe the voltage regulator had nothing to do with ignition so i left that alone.

If anyone can provide me with any info that would be great!


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Where n who did you get motor from. There's very few reputable people on there. Money would have been better spent fixing what you had . Now you have two non running pieces.  Unplug cdi plug and check for continuity between blk n blk/wht you should have none to run, then check blk to red you should have continuity there with key on in order to run . As long as your coil ohms out, stator good, pickup gap good you should have spark 

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im with sleeper, would have been MUCH easier to split the cases to redo the transmission.  I know its intimidating at first if you have never done it, but as long as you do it right and look up how to a full bottom end assembly, its very very easy.  Maybe u can sell ur current non running motor and use the money to fix ur one with the known issues that you know runs. just my 2 cent

or just figure out what wrong with it, maybe its a small issue.  test electrical like sleeper suggested above

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Keep in mind the spark kernel on a Banshee is small.  Do not expect a huge fat spark.  

You say it did start with Ether.  If the engine runs but rough, I would first do a proper carb clean.  All your issues may be there.  

As well, do NOT start a Banshee with Ether.  If you need supplemental starting aid, use a sniff of Propane or Carb cleaner.  If the bike will start on these, that should tell you this is carb related most likely.  


Mull Engineering

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It's very easy to bypass all the bs on the wire harness. From stator plug cdi directly into it. From cdi orange goes to coil. Black wire ties in with black from stator, goes to ground, goes to coil, and one other wire I believe red with stripe goes to black. One wire from cdi is taped off. This will bypass all lighting, possible shorts in harness, etc. I moved my cdi between seat and gas tank using jds bracket. Ground wire I went to the tab where tors box used to be. Remove paint here. You can use wire nuts to help diagnose problem and than make a nice harness once you fix it. I replace coil wires with new ones. Push them in good use rtv to keep them in there. Ngk makes new boots autozone has them. Wires can be bought in bulk.

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