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What's Your PIPE!!

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Hey all, I am putting together a 421 and looking for the best in frame pipes. I have Drag Port Cub Cyl's and runnin vp 110. I get the bike out on holiday weekends and run 300 ft and will take it on any dune trips I may do. So obviously looking for the best pipe for my trailer queen. I have a good idea of what I'm interested in (Shearer), but always like to hear other intelligent opinions. On a side note, I have an unhealthy obsession for a set of "Rockets" is that justified?

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I had started LED OOF small bore pipe testing. Had good results but there needs to be more money and time invested in them by someone

So you can keep the results to yourself and sell them to the highest bidders.

Giving away "TSS" for FREE!!!
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