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Hello all, new here to the Banshee community and I'm in need of a bit of assistance, hoping somebody much more well-versed than I is able to chime in.

I acquired a (basically) junk 1987 Banshee at a bargain price, although it's in very, very rough shape.  I decided to completely strip it down to the frame and redo everything, including completely rebuilding the engine from the bottom up. 

Is this even possible?  I don't have much experience with vehicle wiring, or wiring in general, but I'm not stupid either.  I bought the Clymer manual and have studied the wiring diagram extensively.  After gutting the wiring harness I have already found multiple cut wires/broken connections, so I'm glad I'm re-doing the wiring completely because it probably wouldn't have spark the way it was.

The current harness is a hacked up mess, so I'm planning on removing most of the wires that aren't needed, such as TORS, throttle sensor, parking brake sensor and key ignitiion.  I would still like to keep the headlights if at all possible, and my idea was to connect the headlights to the kill switch so that they're always on whenever the bike is running.  I would get rid of the Off/Lo/Hi switch.  

Oh and one more question... If you just start cutting wires /not plugging them into the CDI connector tabs, does it effect the functionality of the CDI at all?  Does the CDI need to sense a complete "circuit" (every wire on bike either grounded, or connected somehow,) or are every two wires independent of all other two wire pairs?

I found a wiring diagram online that seems to represent what I am trying to do with my bike.  I've attached it below.  

Thanks for all the help.


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