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Banshee will not run after some work


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I have an 01 shee. I got it in May of '16. It has Toomey T5 pipes a KN air, and some upgraded suspension. I was replacing my front control arms last week.

I took it out to test it all out once it was together, it would not start. Then after some digging I found the two wires from the key had unplugged. I then just connected the wires together. I had done this once before when I lost my key. I got it to run once together. It would bog out at half throttle. it has gotten cold here in northern Illinois. I decided to rejet it from the 280 to 300 and bought the 290 because from what I read on here you should go up two sizes and be able to come back. I could not get it to do anything with either 290 or 300. I put the 280s back in and still nothing, tried a pull start nothing. I have spark, I have 100lbs on the right and 105 on the left. I know this is lower than stock, but it is the same as when I got it in May.  


Help please 

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Dose it have t.o.r.s still?? How about the rear brake lock ?

I believe it does. what does the lock look like?


Sounds like the parking brake is on. My blaster did the same thing when a guy at camp was riding it.

what does it look like?


how do I eliminate them?

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