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I'm planning on getting some new carbs very soon, just not sure which size would be best?


Current set up

-stock jugs .020


- +4 timing

-cool head not sure but believe 21cc domes

Running 91 fuel (premium in Cali)

-Vforce reeds

-stock carbs

-dual K&N open filters (no air box no outer wears)

- boost bottle

- a sticker or 2 to add hp


I'm planning on sending jugs to HJR for a dune port soon as well and going .030 (since I already have the Pistons)


I was thinking 33 or 35mm pwk, what do you guys think is better?

-also who has the best price???? So far I believe F.A.S.T has the best price at $174.98


Thanks a head!

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I was told when I purchased mine that the AirStriker has quad vents and directional fins on the bell intake side of the carb. AS was designed to reduce "bogging" after jumps and to provide a crisper throttle response through 1/4 throttle.


Looking around on JDS the price difference isn't too bad going with the air striker sounds good but they only have 35mm that I saw at least

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We've run both on our asphalt bikes and other than some low/mid range tuning difference because of different slides there was no better performance edge from either. I agree with sheerider11 - Go with the standard PWK's since there's lots more and much better tuning recommendations to be found on web for them.     

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