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Banshee has no powerband! Help!

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Hey guys I have recently came across a problem with my banshee after my pops and I put it back together. We have done a complete rebuild top to bottom this winter and when we started it up recently it doesnt seem to hit the power band. It makes a lot of noise, but doesnt go anywhere.


Upgrades are as follows:


Toomy T5 pipes

Cool head with 21cc domes (new domes)

Pwk 28s with 158 mains (new)

V force 4 reeds

Vitos trued and welded crank (New)

Uni pod foam filters

Port job

65mm pistons (new)


All electrical components are factory oem, but have not been replaced as far as I know.


I am at sea level: Hampton Roads, Virginia


The banshee starts first kick and idles great.  I just dont know what could be causing this issue. Mostly everything is brand new.


Reeds have checked out fine.


All help is appreciated!


Help get me riding this summer!

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What do you mean by it makes a lot of noise but doesn't go any where? Are you saying the motor revs out but the quad doesn't move or that the motor doesn't rev out


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I was saying it to be funny. It goes through all gears fine. The tors system has been deleted and rev limited is disconnected.

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Ok. Have you checked the clutch? Maybe it's slipping?

What do your plugs look like?



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Havent looked into the clutch.


I just jumped the carb jets up to the 158 mains to richen it up because I thought it was too lean myself. Now they have cardboard color look.

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Does it run better with the bigger mains?

What size pilots do you have?


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Yes it seemed to clear up a little more. It was backfiring and making a poofing noise before I ordered the carbs. Have to check on the pilot sizes and get back to you. I ordered the pwks from carb parts warehouse and they put them together based on my mods.

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