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Looking for Banshee Long travel Suspension Setup Please Help!


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We ride a lot in Waynoka, Ok in the dunes, which are usually really rough and beat you up, I'm looking for a long travel setup that will be smooth enough in the rough, but good for occasional jumping sometimes we tend to jump quite a bit. I currently have a set of +2+1 a arms made by full flight (which I don't have much confidence in) but that's another story. The elka shocks I had with the a arms went bad and are too old to rebuild so I bought a new pair of Fox Float 3's when I got them they don't fit the long travel a arms so I guess I'm going to have to sell them. So after all the $$$ spent I still don't have it fixed. I guess my options would be 1. find someone trustworthy and buy a good used setup either just a pair of LT shocks, and use my full flight a arms or the whole a arms if the full flights aren't safe. 2. Quit trying to poor boy this deal and go ahead and buy new alba a arms and elka stage 3 shocks and get the rear shock too. 3. spend a little more $ go with roll design a arms and elka, which I truly don't want to spend that much unless I have too. I would like to find a good used setup that's in great shape if at all possible but have been burned so I am hesitant on doing that again. already spent enough to fix this thing right and still spending....lol I sure appreciate everyones advice and if you can please help me.... 

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