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>>FS: Chariot Billet Intakes Non Cross-over and Chariot Billet Reed Cages<<

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Up for sale are my gently used Chariot Billet Intakes and Chariot Billet Reed Cages.

I want to sell these as a kit, so please don't ask.

I installed these with Chariot Billet Intakes, Chariot Billet Reed Cages and a Chariot Billet Timing Plate set to +4* timing advance.

With these mods I could pull 6th gear with 20" Sand Skate II 8 paddles in Pismo with stock 14/41 gearing.

Before these mods I couldn't shift into 6th at all.


Chariot is selling the internal cross-over billet intake for $147 shipped.



Chariot is selling the billet reed cages with Boyesen 2 Stage Reeds for $170 shipped.



I'll let these go for $230 Paypal'd and I'll cover Paypal fees and shipping to the lower 48 states.


I found the genuine Mikuni Boots on eBay for an Arctic Cat Snowmobile.


Comes with everything you see here.

















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Payday Bump!!

I'll take $210 Paypal'd.

That'll cover PayPal fees of $6.39 and I'll cover $15 flat rate shipping to the lower 48 states.

That'll leave me with $188.61 for the parts.

I wish I needed them. I would buy them just because of your perfect sale add. People should use this as a template for their own.

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