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421 cheetah cub top end

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- 421 cheetach cub cylinder

- Chariot black anodized head

- 2x Driveline pistons (new, not pictured)

- Driveline custom cut domes (new, not pictured)

- hardware

  - o-rings will be included (new, not pictured)

  - acorn nuts &copper washers

  - base gasket (new, not pictured)

  - cylinder studs

  - water jacket plugs


The cylinder hasnt been ran since back from Milllenium for plating. I still have to finish polish the exhaust tunnels and will do so before selling. Its drag ported and made 104/58 on methanol and 97hp on pump gas. Chariot head is in good condition and will come with new custom domes cut to the buyers liking for pump gas or methanol. A set of new Driveline pistons will be included and corresponding base gasket. Hardware also included new o-rings, acorn buts with copper washers, cylinder studs, and 4x water jacket plugs. $1150 +shipping


Now the pistons, domes and base gasket pictured are just for the photos, They are not what you will be buying. New in box pistons, new domes and new base gasket is what Im selling with this.











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