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Banshee Disassembly


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Just did this, honestly once you start in it's not bad at all. One piece of advice i can give is to leave as much of the assemblies as you can together and put bolts back into parts where you can also.


Also if a bolt seems stuck, don't keep trying and risk stripping the head. Get the impact gun after it, i had several allen head bolts stuck, zipped right out with an impact.

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Note pad and pen. Write shit down. What you need, broken stuff, ideas, anything that comes to mind in a split second. Nothing like getting it together and then being like "damn, I forgot to do that right after I said it."

Get a metric tap/die set. I made it a habit on bikes I work on to go through all the holes/bolts. Make sure there good and clean. Especially after powder coat.

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