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sean keenan aka MarineNYC ripped me off for a couple grand...

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Let's keep this thread on track.


Marine has made his apology public as well as his struggles.


That takes balls.

Could not have been said any better. Welcome back Sean. I've seen to many people not come back from where you are. I hope you keep your current mindset. It is your most valuable asset.
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I can't even begin to tell you how good I slept last night After finally sorting this mess. This really tore me up inside. I'm honestly a good person and I've always hurt myself in my actions and never dragged anyone down with me and the fact that Dan told me that he forgives me and that he's just happy that I'm ok shows what kind of person he is. I'm very fortunate to have these kind of people in my life. Feeling very grateful today.

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Yea man. I have a little boy on the way too, but that's a whole other post. Trying for 5 years. Multiple miscarriages. But she good now. Sobriety is treating me well. Oh yea. And I lost 45lbs.


Holly fuck! Congrats man!! Shit is starting to come around for you eh!!

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Glad you're taking the right steps to correct the bad rap you created. Congrats to you and major props to the wife for putting up with your shit.


Welcome back!



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She put up with my shit because she knows the real Sean and she knows that deep down the man that she fell in love with is still in there. I catch her crying from time to time and she tells me that they are happy tears because she sees me coming back more and more day by day. It's in little things I do or even just the look in my eyes. I stopped shaving in the sink and started doing it in the shower because I was ashamed to look in the mirror. I used to look into the mirror and my eyes just looked hollow it that makes any sense. I wasn't in there.

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