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Need Jetting Help!

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Hey, guys just recently picked up another banshee from Craigslist (my 96 got stolen now I got a 98) and right when I got it I tore the top end apart and threw those piece of junk stroker plates (I don't know why everyone near me uses them) and got my cylinder bored and honed to 64.50mm also got some new wiesco 795 pistons and I did not port my cylinders so I just got my head cut from Mull. It does have stock carbs and there way out of tune bogging everywhere. It has 420 mains and 30 pilots. My question is what pilots and mains should I run? 150 above sea level and I'm going to be running it at 10 to 20 Celsius , Here are my mods.


4 mil long rod

Stock. Cylinders 64.50mm bore no porting

Stock carbs

No air box just a k and n with outerwear

Tors delete, twist throttle

Stock head cut for 92 octane


Any help will be greatly appreciated.






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I do not see what pipes you are running? 400 mains are massive! Like Sleeper said you should be around a 300 main and your pilot is going to depend a lot on what pipe you are running. 

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Why no porting? You got all the goods but the good part. Haha jk

X2 on what sleeper06 said.

Yes I know I should of did porting but trust me I won't even get out of 4th gear max I just wanted a bike to just screw around with nothing tooo crazy. But I will be doing porting later when/if I get bored of stock port. So what do you guys think my pilot should be? Thanks.

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