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Who makes the best domes?

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a builder should be able to give you the best specs.... most builders end up using Noss to cut the domes but to their specs

Have you had Titan cut you domes before?

Just curious,,because i always hear people swearing by his domes,and i wonder how many of them have actually ran them.  I did,,and they weren't anything special.

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Read my sig! Enough said

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Sprink... through my whole ordeal with my old motor... titan was the #1 recommendation for cut domes... and not just by members on here...



I personally didn't go with him because he was busy and didnt get back to me...

I hear ya. I hear the same thing. ..yet about 70-80% of the people I asked that question to never ran them for themselves. They were just regurgitating what others had told them.

Seeing get how I actually ran a set and saw nothing out of the ordinary, made me wonder what all the hype was about.

Definitely not knocking his work...I was just wondering what all the hub-bub was about.

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I've had a set of domes cut by wildcard and redline. The wildcard domes were race gas and for an as cast cub. The second set were from redline with his cleanup port on the same set of cylinders. According to the Dyno at shearers, the domes from wildcard made a few hp less on my as cast but the curve was great all around. The domes cut by redline for the cleanup port only edged out a couple hp more but lacked in the bottom end. I chalk this up to dome design and compression. Each builder has his flavor but I've seen it myself. I also rolled in a passion ported cub that looked like stevie wonder was trying to draw a curve. It was all over the place. Added a set of domes from mat and it gained almost 30hp.

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