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CLICK HERE FOR PICS -------->         http://mr1hundred.imgur.com/all/


All these parts came off a 2001, i bought the thing as a roller + the engine was in pieces 

All price are in USD + Shipping, i live in ontario, canada  (postal code L0P1K0), prices are gifted or buyer pays fees

if you want more pics or anything let me know



Coolant Bottle: 5  +shipping  (i have 2 of these)

stock Clutch lever w/sensor, parking brake, parking brake wire (no clutch wire): 30 +shipping

Tail light w/bracket: 15 + shipping

y-2 cylinder head: 30 +shipping   (no pitting but the bottom half of the left side was a little darker)

64mm Cylinders: 180 +shipping    (also have the pistons if you want them ill send you pics, they are kinda black on the top so i wont ask for much)

Airbox w/boots but no lid: 25 + shipping  (there is only 2 of those clips on the side)

Carbs w/tors: 60 + shipping  (i opened them up they have 210 mains)

Intakes+ boost bottle:  40 + shipping

stock swingarm: 20 +shipping

Bad axle carrier: 10 + shipping

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