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4mil going in but is it o-rings or c-clips

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Got a weird one here and got my new crank but seem to have a bit of a stalemate with it going in. The old 4mil hotrods had an o-ring on the flywheel side and used a c-clip on the other side. The new one has o-rings for both sides so should the c-clip that goes in the case to hold the crank be removed and just use o-rings? I read on hotrods site that the o-rings are in place of those clips now. So which is the way as I have now read both ways are proper.


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If you are as far as splitting the cases, it's best to plan ahead and do everything you can to help with reliability. IE, the second clip on the clutch side (pto) crank bearing. Another thing to not forget, put some ultra grey on the clutch side crank key. Maybe a little trans work if you can afford it. Check the trans bearings out. You can use a max load type crank bearing on the output shaft side of the trans. I also double clip that stuff to if it's got the grooves in the cases top and bottom.

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