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Compression and Squish/Width

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This guy is very up

What in the fuck is this nonsense about?



Gonzo is on mission to prove high compression is bad for performance, and is basing all of his studies on cranking compression. And SKEETER is picking on him. SKEET your grounded for 2 weeks.....

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I have a 4mil big bore , trinity domes , 12mm wide squishband , .055 squish right by the bore edge , .045 at the inner edge of the squishband. 150 lbs of compression. It blows orings about every other ride even if I run 114 octane fuel but thats where trinity said it would work. Porting up with low exhaust port duration (190 degrees) and the transfers (134 degrees) I dont want to say what builder because I dont want to give out all the best builders secrets and she would get very mad. It would be easy to figure out tho because she is the only woman builder in the banshee industry. Has many many records and strips when we go to the dunes and she is hot. I agree , the moderators on here are a buncha wussies. If locogato wouldnt beat me up whenever I see him I would say more. I am only 5'4" and 345lbs so I cant run very well in sand.

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Negative squish , makin power since the day trinity opened its doors and signed a deal to have a monopoly on cheetahs. I can only imagine how many cheetahs coulda been sold.


74HP of O-ring blowing hot mess. LOL

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