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Niche Aftermarket Cylinders available at a signifigant discount for willing testers

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Hey Everyone,


We have developed a new set of OEM cylinders for the Banshee and are looking for a couple of Beta testers

to Run them on there bikes for feedback. Cylinders have finished our inspection and are pre-release right now

which means we want them tested on a few more machines before we begin selling them on the open market.


Our MSRP for the cylinders is 499.00 for the pair. I have 2 pair in hand that im offering at 250.00 with a money

back guarantee if they don't work as they should.


We will cover the cost of getting the cylinders to you, in return all we are asking for is your direct feedback

on function and ease of install.


You will be required to purchase a set of stock pistons and the required gaskets to go along with it. Bore

measures same as stock 64.00MM


Call Adam if your interested in trying them out. We are only looking for buyers that are willing to provide direct

feedback, please don't buy if you don't intend to install within a short time frame.




1-888-672-5141 or email partdiscountersales@gmail.com


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Agreed that ported are definitely better


We do want to offer a few different ports eventually, for now we are just looking for good honest feedback from 

them as they are.


We will eventually be offering several bore sizes as well.



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