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Stock Banshee w/ CPI's (question about next mods)


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I've got a stock banshee with K & N pods and CPI pipes. (my son's) It doesn't have much low end response and I'm looking to do a simple upgrade to get the most out of it.  Was thinking this: 


cool head 

20 or 21 cc domes (not sure which) riding at 1,300 feet

V Force reeds (3 or ?) 


What am I missing or what should I consider? 


I have a similar set up with T5's and it runs strong and has for8 years with no engine work needed. I ride it pretty hard so I have been impressed. 



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Those pipes are definitely gonna give you better low end then the other Big in frames. Keep the CPI's. If you aren't ready to take it apart for porting and all that, your best gains can be had with a cool head with nice domes for more compression, V force 4's, timing plate at +4, maybe a gearing change to get the motor to be under more load so that it makes a bit more heat to get it to come on to the pipe sooner.


If it still feels weird, maybe swap to your T5's and see if it's more satisfying.

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If you truely want to get "the most out of it" save up some money and have your cylinders ported. Have your stock head milled and rechambered for now or try pick up a nice cool head here on the hq and have custom domes cut for it. Timing plate and Vf4's are a great addition and then you will be able to take full advantage of those cpi pipes. Your already on the right track, don't shortcut yourself. Save up some money and unleash some real power.


And if its been running for 8 years untouched, the top end would probably benefit from a little attention. It would be a good thing.

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