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Newbie with 421 cub - Kevin Herr Rocks


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I have been lurking and this site and buying better and better banshees over the last 9 months. Bought a 01 blue mostly stock and it was a blast, got used to the speed fast and had to get a more powerful one. Bought a 01 stock cylinder 4 mil. Like it, very strong, but then I ran across these to I will try to upload image to.

06 LE 421 cub with title. dan hall built,CPI inframes, elka stage 3, v force 3 reeds, +3 a arms, +4 GeForce axel, itp black wheels,all black, 35mm pwk carbs, +4in swing arm. There is a lot more and it is mint.


06 LE built for trails with title, Aggressive trail port, nerf bars, welded crank, toomey T6, spark arresters, vforce reeds, +3 a arms, + 4 g force axel, works shocks, black wheels.


Got what I think is a great deal. 3500 for cub and 2500 for the other. Both were very very clean. Here are some pics.


Here comes the bad part. Got the cub home. Ran it for 20 minutes and it broke a rod. No I was not giving it hell. Took of at 75% and heard a crunch. Had not been at full throttle yet on it. Broke the cases in three spots. Pulled it apart and it beat up the cylinder skirt in some place. It was pretty bad.


Sent it to Kevin at Herr Jugs since he had so much good feedback here. Man he lives up to it. He saved my cylinders!!! His estimate cam in under and he was super prompt even over the holidays. I sent the engine off before Christmas and it is on its way back right now. He was super responsive and personable through the entire process. Thanks Kevin!!!!


I will try to get it installed in the next few weeks. I live in Indiana so we won't have any good riding for a while but when it warms up look out. If anyone wants to ride in central Indiana let me know. I have 4 banshees to choose from and I am ready to ride. So are my friends.


Cheers, Quinn


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Forgot to add.... Kevin set me up with a red cool head with custom domes for the cub. It will run on race gas. This thing should be a blast to ride. It was very strong before. Now it should be a rocket!


Also I attached a pic of the motor at its worst.


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Probably manufacturing defect.

Do you have the other rod?

Did you see any numbers/letters on the rod beam?

There are some suspect rods out there that flat suck.

Do a search on rods and you might find that your rods in that cub motor might be the ones notorious for breaking.

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