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concealed carry weapon of choice?

Turbo Chassis

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Im getting my concealed carry license soon and have been doing a good bit of looking around at different handguns, ive shot a few handguns in the past but mostly just rifles and shotguns for hunting so dont know much about handguns.


Theres a few i have my eye on and a few id love to have but arent in what im willing to spend on the first one, those ones will have to be a future weapon lol..


If you were going to buy one and didnt want to spend much more than $350-500.00 (im not to good to buy used either) what would your concealed carry gun of choice be?

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are you worried about personal safety?


I do a good bit of traveling and have ran into some goofy people. luckily noone has been to goofy, but ive always wanted to conceal and finally getting around to getting my license.


Ive been looking at the lc9 and the baretta nano but will look into the ones you all mentioned! Thanks

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S&W .380 Bodyguard for concealed


I have one of these too. It's small and easy to conceal.. I carry it all the time. In fact, I wore it into the movie theater a couple weeks ago.. I had it inside my jeans on the side and barely noticed it was there.


I also have a Glock 26 that's not too huge, but wider than the S&W.

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I carry my ruger lcp all the time. It's a little smaller than the bodyguard, it's lite.. Hardly notice it.


A good holster is key, I've carried in a pocket holster for a couple yrs, but now I've got an in the waistband holster and carry on strong side. Got tired of it in pocket, some of my tighter pants I still pocket carry.


A small gun u carry all the time is better than the big one that gets left at home. Start small and get bigger gun as u get comfortable with it if u want.

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