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Loco...megabyte me...


Finch is on... MS security essentials is good. I use malwarebytes as a backup to periodically scan for other infections. Better to install it while you're clean, many infections I've dealt with will block its installation.

Speaking of infections, if you ever get anal warts...loco is the champ for removal...he calls it hill climbing, but we really know what he means...


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Zone alarm is what I use also malwarebytes for backup. Zone alarm is great its first does a scan before it even installs and it learns as you  use your programs. Then after don't quote me on this but in I believe 30 days after its done learning your programs that you use it will lock down even more tight and when something trys to install or go online it will ask you if you want that to happen but only once so its not an annoying program like many others Ive used. This thing is pretty amazing and you get a 30 day free trial to check it out to see if you like it or not. Note it will not let you install if you have another antivirus installed like Norton. Also if you are going to use it get the extreme internet security one its the best in my opinion because its a antivirus a firewall and it has a feature that protects your identity and data. Also it comes with a 5GB online Backup for all your important data in case the very worst happens.

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