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Any 1.1x 60 ft times out there?


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It is a feeling like no other!! and them times are without a sissy bar... its a pretty quick grudge bike i dont class race it,there is some NASTY grudge bikes these days..mine is slow compared to the top dogs in the grudge game..lol2004gsxr.jpg

Are you stealing all those AC coils to fund that build? jk super nice bike.
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I've seen the Bad Frog Top Alky dragster go 2.6 and 2.7 @120 to 130ish MPH at a few Michigan tracks and an Ohio track.

I honestly don't know what his 60ft is, but I can tell you he's off the throttle at 3/4 track nearly every time.

It's possible it's sub 1.1...


There's a few vids out there.

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