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Banshee sputters and bogs


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Hey guys, I'm new to the 2-stroke world and purchased a Banshee about a month ago. It was already modified by the previous owner, which made me a little hesitant to buy it, but I couldn't pass up the deal. It ran very well for about a month (5-7 hrs of riding total) . All my riding was in dry, dusty open trails, lots of WOT. It ran flawlessly, great low end (for a two- stroke) and it screamed without any hiccups, bogs, sputters from cruising to WOT. Yesterday I took it on a trail ride in muddy, tight trails with some shallow creek crossings. I noticed after awhile it started getting hiccups in the midrange and WOT and got worse and now today its the worst. I want to say it started after doing a creek crossing yesterday, but I cant pin point it to that. What was weird it would sometimes rip through the gears all the way to 6th with very few hiccups. Then once I took it to a hill climb it was missing the whole way up. It was as if it only was missing under heavier loads. I thought maybe some water got into somewhere it shouldn't so I let it sit over night to dry out. Today I started it, let it warm up. Ran okay with a few sputters at WOT. Did a 1st - 3rd hill climb and it ran fine until I hit 4th gear. Then after 4-5 mins of riding it got the worst it had ever been. I went to whip it around a turn and it bogged really bad. I would hit the throttle and I could barely get it into the power. It bogged until I got it back to the garage. I know you've heard this story 1000 times and that it could be a number of things. I just need direction as far as "what I should check 1st, then check THIS, if its not that, check THIS." Thanks guys, bear with me, I'm a noob. lol I'm going to try new plugs and I checked the filter and it didn't seem wet or dirty, just nicely oiled.

Mods to the engine that I know of:
30mm carbs
pro design cool heads

hot rod crank

.30 over

V force 3 reeds

FMF Fattys
Pro design filter
I'm running turbo blue(110) thru it.


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Like you said ,could be a number of things. If you feel that fuel and fuel delivery is good you could pull flywheel clean the inside real good and the two lugs on outside. Clean all poles on stator and pick-up coil. Put flywheel back on and set pick-up gap at .019. May want to clean all wiring conn's also. You need a service manual. You can order one which is nice to have or download a e-manual from this site

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my opinion would be since it ran good before and now does not that it is not a jetting issue but probaly a fuel dilevery probleom. check carbs for debris check petcock nake sure it is not clogged or have shit in it that is slowing down fuel to the carbs. but from you have told us it is also exhibiting rich probleoms i would also consider checking stator. pickupcoil spark plug boots and wires to make sure it is geeting proper firing. if that is not happening could give you some simalar simptoms. also clean your air fiter for shits and giggles make sure you dont over oil them also

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