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STY's Annual MI. Trip


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Went and met Bryan yesterday at Milan. I was hoping some other folks from BHQ would of showed up, but it was still a pretty good day. Bryan was kind enough to keep me watered up and shared the shade with me. Some of his family and friends came out as well and his mom was a trooper. Rooted him on the whole time like it was a boxing match. She even told him how much cooler he was when the car yanked the front wheels up...... Fun day of relaxing at the track. Thanks to Bryan and his family for their hospitality.





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Yep it was good to meet you, Roger & Chris!

Had fun at all the different tracks I ran at. Milan seemed to be the fastes, but Martin I was on the tree with low .00 lights. I just wasn't doing my job on the big end. The car was running on a 50/50 blend of 100 & 93 unleaded pump gas. It ran 10.02 @ 133.90 mph on the brakes at Martin. Sun. at Milan it was its quickest with a 1.37 60'. I ran it thru the 1/4 & found out the super pro class was the only class running 1/8 mile that day.

Glad I'm done racing on this trip. I'm happy with 2 wins out of 6 races.

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I"m sorry I missed you guys.  I know what a chore it is to come out all this way...

Older I get, faster time goes by...and the less of it there is.  Kinda like my hair.


Damn shame Bryan.  All on me 100%.  Wheelman hollered and let me know....it's all on me.

Had a great plan for taking the bike out to Milan to surprise you.... and plans went by the wayside.


Jackie and I talk about a Vegas trip to have some fun.  She's never been.  I'll hit you up if/when we make it out.

And then there's Tedder.

Shit, he's only a state away and we've STILL never gotten the chance to meet up.

Damn shame I tell ya.

Glad to hear all went well...and again, sorry I missed you guys. 

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