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Engine Part Out

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All prices include shipping, please add paypal fees.


Vito's Big Bore Cylinders, makes a 421 with 4mm crank. Fresh Nicasil, low hours. -600


V-force 3 reeds, well used -140


Pro design cool head, 18 and 20cc big bore domes, head has some wear on outside and could use fresh o-rings -130


Good set of engine cases, no chain damage -140


Stock flywheel -Make Offer


Ignition Coil, stock winding spliced into ricky-stator pickup and on adjustable RS timing plate, No plugs on the end I was using weather pack plugs with it -60


Used 14 tooth and new 15t sprockets -5 each if thrown in with another purchase.


TM Designworks case saver - 30


Brand new in the package pivot works front wheel bearings -20


Stock kick starter -Make offer


Stock clutch basket with good clutch pack - Make offer


Clutch push-rod pancake bearing- Make offer


Two complete stock transmissions, I see from searching they have been a tough sell, if you're interested in one let me know. Probably going to be somewhere in the 100 range on those.


Bundling is encouraged especially on some of the smaller stuff. I can be emailed at e.taylor217@gmail.com, if you have any questions or want other pictures just let me know. E-mail is the fastest way to contact me, I get it right to my phone. 


Thanks, Ethan



















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